Easter Island 's History And Decline

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In the article by Jared Diamond, many interesting theories are discussed about Easter Island’s history and decline. Diamond makes connections to the environmental challenges we face today and he compares the catastrophe of Easter Island to our current over consumption of natural resources. While this article makes for an interesting read, much of it is offered from a single perspective and little counter evidence is offered. The author writes in a way that could engage a non-academic audience who may not be interested in counter evidence, or proper referencing. The article lacks credibility due to its narrow scope and conversational diction. At the root of this discussion however, is the notion that the Rapa Nui people were…show more content…
In his arguments, the author uses his own point of view, information from other people’s research, and from historical voyages without offering any proper references. Additionally, the author uses non-academic language to inspire literary imagery in order to make the article more attractive to potential readers. This article does make for an interesting read, but it is far from accurate. In my opinion, the author has cherry picked the evidence in order to create a scenario where the blame for the demise of the ecosystem was places squarely on the native’s shoulders which discounts any natural factors that could have happened. The Rapa Nui were a complex society of people who utilized the land in innovative ways. Indeed something catastrophic did take place, and I do not know exactly what that was, but I do not believe it was solely greed and consumption that caused the downfall of an entire society as the author would have you believe. The author mentions the use of carbon dating, pollen analysis, archaeology, and paleontology to help develop a time frame of when the island was settled, and when it encountered problems. This should have been discussed in more detail with proper referencing in order to strengthen this article. These diciplines are useful and necessary to form a forensic picture of what the island would have been like, and when it would have started to decline. What he successfully proves was that there was a
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