Eastern Christendom : Building On The Roman Past Essay

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Ch.10 Outline • Eastern Christendom: Building on the Roman Past o Byzantium does not have a clear starting point o People saw it as a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire o Some historians argue that it started in 330 B.C.E., when Constantine became an emperor and founded a capital on Byzantium o Eastern Roman Empire lasted until ~1500 C.E. o Eastern Roman Empire had more advantages  Wealth  Urbanization  Cosmopolitan  Strategic Location  Trade in Black Sea and Mediterranean o Able to defend against nomads, who the Westerns could not o Forbade “barbaric” customs • The Byzantine State o Byzantine Empire never approached size of Western Empire o Arab Expansion saw the loss in Syria, Egypt, and North Africa o An administrative system gave generals authority and allowed them to raise armies from peasants o Emperor claimed to govern all of creation as God’s representative o Imperial court represented Persia’s o Centralized state did not really effect citizens o Later attacks after 1085 shrank the empire because of outside attacks o Ended in 1453 when Ottoman empire took Constantinople • The Byzantine Church and Christian Divergence o Emperor was both a Caesar and the pope, or caesaropapism o Treated church as government department o Eastern Orthodox Christianity legitimized rule of the emperor o Strived for eternal salvation o Many Christian controversies and divisions followed the early centuries o Greatest differences came from Eastern Orthodoxy and Latin Christianity o
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