Eastern Culture And Western Culture

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Eastern culture and Chinese culture are unique in many ways. Many ideas and customs in the eastern world account for it’s unique qualities. One country in the east that is an exceptional representation of eastern culture is China. China’s geography, prehistory, role of women, philosophies, and culture, are factors that separate China from the rest of the world and shape China into the unique country it is today. Many components account for the uniqueness of eastern culture. Eastern people are more likely to hide their feelings. Many times they will keep a straight face or act happy, when they are actually going through troublesome times. Eastern people are more private about their relationships. They keep their intimate relations behind doors. Countries in the east glorify collectivism. The idea of collectivism views the group as the primary body. This means that the individual is given little worth. Decisions are made as a group and very rarely is a person asked, “What would you like to do?” Family is the central institution in eastern society and is imperative to their way of life. When a child’s parent grows into old age, they are expected to care and provide space for them to live in their house. Because grandparents commonly live in the same house as their grandchildren, they are often involved in the raising of the children and are highly respected among the children. They are considered the leader of the household and children are expected to obey
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