Eastern Medicine : A Healing System

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Blackman 2 Eastern Medicine is a healing system that has been carefully developed all throughout China over the course of thousands of years, resulting in various forms of therapy. There are many focuses and principles in these methods, such as enhancing the body’s capacities and bolstering the body’s immunities for restoring and sustaining health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a great emphasis on natural remedies; staying grounded to earth by exploring the body 's interactions with all aspects pertaining to life; involving the composition of earthly elements such as seasons, colors, water, wood, fire, music, and many more. They have systemically discovered that health is the balance of harmony and function within the mind, body, and spirit, creating forms of treatment to minimize the obstruction of flow within ones health. Alternative medicine is effective through numerous complex diseases, chronic pains, and emotional pains. Unorthodox means of treatment comes in several, diverse treatments that all differ, yet prove to be effectual and offer a distinctive experience and outcome from the familiar modern medicine and healing. An extremely familiar method of TCM is acupuncture, which is commonly practiced in the United States, relieving body and emotional pains. Acupuncture is a natural healing process that improves the body and its functions by using sterile, fine needles to stimulate specific anatomic sites. To further this effect, placing heat, pressure,
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