Eastern Spadefoot Toads

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The scientific name for the Eastern Spadefoot toad is Scaphiopus holbrookii. They have vertically elliptical pupils with grayish or blackish brown- skin with olive skin scattered with warts. Two yellow lines originate from each eye and formed a lyre shaped pattern along each side of the body. The sickle- shaped spade on the side of its foot belongs to the primitive amphibian family that is neither true frog nor true toad.

The toads are known for being in the east coast region of America. These places are known for their loose grainy soil the toads can dig in. Eastern Spadefoot toads like to live in semi-arid places with sandy soil for the toads to dig in using its spades. The toads do so to keep themselves from drying out.

I choose the Eastern Spadefoot toad because of its unique spade on the back of each foot of the toad (hence its name). The Eastern Spadefoot is an endangered species that is a victim of urbanization, habitat deconstruction, and poaching. There are a few organizations trying to help the Eastern Spadefoot toad. For example, the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, and the Genzyme Corporation worked together to make the conservation project at the Southwick Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in August 2015.
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The main problem is that with urbanization people can really stop building our community. One solution is that we can preserve lands to keep them safe. There is also another solution of a bigger issue that may affect all animals, pollution. The problem of pollution is also another factor that affects all animal. There are somethings that people doing to stop this problem. In Pennsylvania the Eastern Spadefoot toads are considered to be a threatened

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