Easter's End

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Easters Island has vanished, gone and is never coming back. Despite this fate planet Earth is still a blank slate. “Who is to say we won’t succumb the same fate?” -Jared Diamond. Diamond comes across his main point in his writing of “Easter’s End”. He strives to get the point across of the end of civilization for the Eastern Islanders in comparison to here on planet earth in several dramatic ways. He makes convincing arguments to his audience using his tone and the diction he uses. He argues that we, being people of planet earth, have succumbed “adaptive failure” as one. Diamonds audience (being middle class, aimed toward younger generations) is drawn into his deep analogies and sense of urgency. In a magazine article it’s all about…show more content…
Organization is key definitely for the people of Easters island because they were in the middle of nowhere so, where do you find the massive stones used to make statues for high status islanders? This was something that Diamond told the audience in the writing is that the islanders were under- estimated because they had no real back round history to go off of like the other eras of failed civilizations. Diamond tried to send a lot of messages to his readers. I think he wanted to make sure that we were aware that even the most prosperous and rich cultures can fail so why couldn’t we? How do we grow as a society and people but not overpower out ability to stay self-sufficient? Why not fix it now instead of in 100 years when your kids’ kids become in danger and wondering why their elders didn’t fix it earlier. His message is strong and he wants us to move on from others mistakes that our past eras couldn’t do. We can no long rely on prayer and others to do something because than we will become just another era of failure. “They found themselves in pristine paradise. What happened to it? Why didn’t they look around and realize what they were doing and stop it before it was too late? What were they thinking before they cut down the last palm tree?” This statement reminded that they had something great and beautiful but didn’t know what they were actually doing before it was too late. For
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