Eastman Kodak Case Study

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World Resources Institute ble Enterprise Program
Sustaina A program of the World Resources Institute
Eastman Kodak Case
Implementation of TQEM at Kodak Park’s Utilities Division
“Our vision is to be a world class company and the leading imaging company in protecting the quality of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities in which we operate.”
For more than a decade, WRI’s Sustainable Enterprise Program (SEP) has harnessed the power of business to create profitable solutions to environment and development challenges. BELL, a project of SEP, is focused on working with managers and academics to make companies more competitive by approaching social and environmental challenges as unmet
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Fisher’s tenure began a series of changes at Kodak: cost-cutting measures were introduced, faster decisions were encouraged and there was a move towards proactive business strategies. An informal manager, Fisher replaced the rigid hierarchical organization at Kodak and delegated decisions to line managers. The change in also resulted in a refocus of activities which resulted in reductions of 9,000 jobs worldwide during 1994 and 1995 - almost 10% of the workforce. The company posted a net income of $1,252 million in 1995 (Exhibit 1).
Corporate Environmental Efforts
Kodak has a history of health, safety, and environment (HS&E) awareness. The company’s formal commitment to HS&E began in 1936 with the creation of the Laboratory of Industrial Medicine. By the late 1980s the company had instituted HS&E policies and performance standards, and a corporate HS&E assessment program. Additionally, the corporate strategic planning processes included HS&E priorities. A corporate-level HS&E Management Council was created at Kodak in 1989. The Council brings senior company officers together to provide direction and establish policies affecting performance. By the 1990s, HS&E criteria were beginning to be included in performance tracking, and prevention-based HS&B programs were encouraged.
Kodak’s vision statement now includes HS&E performance, and Fisher has also adopted an HS&E Strategic Framework and Global HS&E Performance

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