Eastman Kodak

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Eastman Kodak Company: Funtime Film
Case Analysis Group-5 PGP-RAK, 2012-14

PARTICIPANT Ankur Sinha Ishant Singal Prakhar Rathee Sambhav Jain Vikram Singh Shekhawat

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Situational Analysis
Company Eastman Kodak is currently the market leader in the photo film market. The company has continued its domination of the photo film market, but in the past 5 years its market share has eased from 76% to 70%. Reason mainly being the competitors like Fuji Photo Film Co. and Konica Corp. lured consumers with their lower-priced versions. In 1993, Kodak spent an estimated $50 million on camera and film supply advertising in the United States; this was about 4 times
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So, assuming 10% of Gold Plus users switch to Funtime, then 2.508% of the no. of Kodak customers has to be filled with new customers. These new customers occupy 2.508% * (70% / 100%) = 1.7556% of total market share.  The market share of Fuji and Polaroid is 15%. Therefore, if Kodak want to compensate their loss, 1.7556% / 15%

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