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Eastman Kodak and Fujifilm History of Kodak Eastman Kodak is one of the oldest companies in the world, being founded way back in 1888. It was founded in New York and is still headquarter there. Over the course of the last century and more, this company has been a leader in developing new technology in photographic film. It helped to lead the revolution toward new, innovative cameras and film technology during the 1960s and 1970s. The peak of the company’s success came in the 1970s, when it controlled more than ninety-percent of the market share for photographic film. Perhaps more indicative of its success as a company is the fact that instead of referring to things as “film,” many during that time referred to film by the company’s…show more content…
He did seek to educate himself by reaching out to other companies in the technology field – including Apple – but Fisher pursued a passive strategy toward innovation. It was not the company’s overall focus, and instead, the company focused the bulk of its intensity on its efforts to build its power in the photographic film processing segment. Management chose to direct more resources toward that particular venture rather than directing both human and financial resources toward innovation. Comparison/ Contrast CEO of Fujifilm Fujifilm took a different approach from a managerial perspective. Its managerial strategy was led by its desire to team up with other companies in diverse market segments in order to produce the new technology needed to move forward. For instance, it started a partnership with Xerox during the 1960s (Baron, 1997). This not only helped the company develop better technologies, but it also forced the company to explore other markets. The managerial strategy was all about exposure and growth, too concepts that led the company to considering a wide range of new technologies. While Kodak seemed to want to tighten its stranglehold on the American marketplace in regard to photographic film Fujifilm looked much more to the exterior. It realized that things were going to be rapidly changing in the not-distant future, so it teamed up with international partners. This made Fujifilm much more

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