Easy, Breazy, Beautiful Cover Girl Campaign

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Beauty is an ideal that materializes in all different types of women. This notion is one that a majority of women across the world learn to strive for. They fill their lives with daily routines that maintain an image as close to perfection as they can. Exercising, putting on accessories, picking their outfit of the day and attempting to apply varying amounts makeup for an effortless look is a lifestyle common to many womem. Despite these notions, CoverGirl promotes a message that one’s own look is not as strenuous as countless women believe it to be and that applying makeup every day does not imply that women are required to create masks or layers of fake skin to feel beautiful. Makeup should simply be an aid for women who need that extra boost of confidence for the day. CoverGirl proves this to their loyal customers through their “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl” campaign. This slogan explains their goal; it highlights the importance of natural beauty and embodies the idea of simply enhancing that beauty with just a touch of their makeup. Advertisements can deceive with the words that they say and the images they show, but there are always stronger factors that overcome the hidden assumptions in every advertisement. In the end, the audience is persuaded to seek the product and the goal of the advertisement has been achieved. CoverGirl uses the appeals of ethos and pathos in their advertisement to promote a claim that all women have a natural glow and beauty that can be

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