Easyjet Marketing Analysis

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1.Introduction 2
2. Marketing Activities and Results 2 2.1 Marketing Activities 2 2.2 Results 3
3. Environmental Changes and Responses 3 3.1 Macro-environmental and Micro-environmental Changes 3 3.2 Responses 4 3.3 Analysis of Responses 4
4. Evaluation of Marketing Strategies 4
5. Summery and Recommendation 5
6. Appendix: 7
7. Reference 9

Marketing Analysis of easyJet


With the demand on transportation and advancements on technologies, airline industry became one of the fastest developing industries on the world. These developments, high leveled competitive market and the never-ending demand on faster transportation reduced the plane ticket
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Nowadays, the technology of Internet changed LCAs greatly. The easier access to the Internet makes more people online order goods definitely including booking the flights. Approximately 56 percent of people in Europe are online almost every day. Specifically, about 52 percent of online people use social media (Seybert, 2011). Additionally, since it is the social responsibility of everyone to protect environment, the technology to reduce the gas pollution by aircraft is necessarily developed.

When LCA companies implemented a price war, easyJet confronts a fierce competition. The most threatened competitor is Ryanair, the largest LCA in Europe offering more than 800 low fare routes all around Europe (Poulsen and Fowler, 2012). Meanwhile, British Airways (BA) also offers similar flights with free drinks in the UK and Europe. Besides, fastest train like Eurostar is the biggest threat and substitute of LCAs (Dunn, 2009). As for LCAs companies, stable suppliers of fuel are key to lower costs. The fluctuated fuel price will increase the cost of easyJet and erode the profit margin.

3.2 Responses

Obviously, the marketing activities of easyJet are implemented directly to respond to the changing environment. In order to share a bigger European market, easyJet promotes its holiday deals as many as its sales. Also as to compete with

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