Easyjet, The Main Strategy Of Easyjet Essay

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EasyJet plc is a low-cost passenger airline what conducts it’s operations throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Bloomberg. (2016) Easyjet Plc. [Online] [31st October 2016] http://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/EZJ:LN-easyjet-plc
The main strategy of Easyjet is to be Europe’s preferred short-haul airline, delivering market-leading returns. Easyjet Corporate. (2015) Annual report and accounts 2015. [Online] [31st October 2016] http://corporate.easyjet.com/~/media/Files/E/Easyjet-Plc-V2/pdf/investors/result-center-investor/annual-report-2015.pdf

It is important to examine Easyjet’s strategy due to the changing financial climate in the UK and Europe such as the 2008/9 recession and Brexit.

EasyJet began in 1995 when Stelios Haji-Ioannou had the idea to create a customer-focused brand that would one day revolutionise the concept of stepping onto an aircraft. EasyJet leased it’d first aircraft in 1996 and two years later in 1998 they started easyjet.com which allowed passengers to book flights online. 2002 was a milestone for EasyJet as they bought low-cost airline Go (originally created by British Airways) to create Europe’s no. 1 air transport network. In 2013 60 million passengers flew with Easyjet and they made it into the FTSE 100. In 2014 Easyjet announced a new deal to buy the new generation A320 neo aircraft which will start in 2017. easyJet Airline. (2016) History. [Online] [28th October 2016]
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