Easyjet and Ryan Air

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Introduction Amicably, in today’s airline business industry leadership and culture is imperative and crucial in achieving strong business management and operation. There can be looking at the two airlines specifically, Easyjet and Ryan Air as the focus for explanation and discussion points. Ideally, the product services being offered by RyanAir are cheap fare flights that are most likely the same with Easyjet, offering economic flights to frequent passengers. The core discussion can center on these two airlines leadership and culture adhering points as to how each airlines adopt to their leadership styles and what specific culture norm does they utilize in such business. Knowing also if there are issues and challenges from within the…show more content…
Easyjet places more focus on attracting business travelers as well as leisure travelers, although all its aircraft have single class cabins (2005; 2006). There are differences between the two airlines in the way they treat their passengers and employees. RyanAir pledges simply to get its customers safely from A to B, on time and at the lowest price. The company does indeed have one of the youngest fleets in European aviation, and an impressive record for on time arrivals. Some of its seats are sold for as little as £1 or 1. But if your RyanAir flight is delayed, do not expect free refreshments. RyanAir is similarly tough with its own employees. Their working hours often get close to the legal limits, and their trade unions receive no official recognition. Easyjet has some of the most productive employees in the business but they also has an impressive record on customer service and employee satisfaction. The airline delivers on basic customer expectations about on time arrivals, baggage delivery, ticketing and check-in with great smile as well as profit. The airline believes that customers deserve respect, dignity and little fun. Surprisingly, though, customers do not come first. That place is reserved for employees, in the belief that you treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers. Employees are rewarded according to their teamwork, flexibility and

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