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In the area of education, teaching language arts is one of the most crucial and critical elements in the process of learning. In elementary education teachers must ensure that an effective language arts program is a complete, orderly, and clear program that involves activities that fit to state and/or national standards teaching essential skills and strategies by using activities that are organized to meet those objectives. They must also engage students with active participation to foster learning yet set clear and high expectations and differentiate instruction according to assessed needs as progress monitoring and assessment is used to determine if those objectives and standards have been achieved. While reading, writing, listening, and …show more content…
Once fluency is somewhat proficient vocabulary development and comprehension is enhanced. Writing, communication using written language, is equally as important as reading (Roe & Ross, 2006). Elementary students will usually begin learning how to write by writing their names and the letters in the alphabet in kindergarten while teachers begin to focus on neatness as words and sentences are copied from the board. Word walls are often found in many classrooms to assist children with their writing. Starting in first grade usually, organization and a focus to the writing will become more prevalent as students are exposed to process of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Penmanship also becomes highly important as the student learns how to write fluidly and legibly using correct form and spacing. To become an efficient writer the student requires a great deal of practice so the teacher should provide such practice as well as samples of completed assignments that are poor quality work and superior quality work. Students need clear expectations when given writing assignments which are often stated in scoring guides and rubrics. Listening, which is simply the understanding of the spoken language, is another vital part of language arts (Roe & Ross, 2006). This skill is a receptive skill and is quite often not given enough attention in a classroom setting

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