Eating Abnormalities: A Disease or Disorder?

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Did you know millions of people are affected by eating disorders? Well if you did not know, eating disorders are a mental illness and a physical illness in one. There are many young people struggling in the world with these disorders. “Statistics show that twenty-four million people of all ages and gender are suffering from eating disorders; 47% of girls want to lose weight because of media, but they fail to consider the number of eating disorders that comes from other aspects in life” (Renfew Center Foundation ANAD) Based on cast studies and articles there are a lot of things that contributes to eating disorders including abuse, peer pressure, media and depression. Eating disorders are also very dangerous and harmful to your body.
Eating Disorders Eating disorders is an illness that causes disturbances to your everyday food plan. This disorder can come from overeating or eating extremely small amounts of food over time. Eating disorders usually starts in teen years no later than late twenties. There are many causes to eating disorders but the major ones are peer pressure and depression. There are many different types of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders. Anybody can have any eating disorder but usually it teen’s age thirteen to twenty that develop eating disorders. The number of pre-teen children treated in hospital for eating disorders has tripled in four years,…

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