Eating At A Restaurant, Food Chain, Or Ordering Pizza At Home

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When going to a party, eating at a restaurant, heading to the local fast food chain, or ordering pizza at home, the drink of choice for many, no matter the age, tends to be soda. Since the carbonated beverage’s debut in the 18th century, it has become a popular drink all over the world. One could even say that many are addicted to the syrupy taste and fizzy feel of soda in their mouths. However, with the lack of nutrients it contains and the multitude of health problems it causes, it is not a wise choice of beverage for consumers. Many scary truths come with indulging in a can of soda, and just some of the risks people take when drinking these beverages includes the increase of susceptibility to certain types of cancers, a faster rate of…show more content…
A 40 percent increase is unnecessarily large when it comes along with the consumption of something that can easily be swapped out of a diet. In addition to prostate cancer, drinking soda increases the risk of developing breast cancer in women. Researchers at Laval University in Quebec, led by Dr. Caroline Diorio, studied more than 1500 women – both premenopausal and postmenopausal – to study the correlation of soft drinks and breast cancer (Freeman, 2014). It is scientifically-proven that women with denser breasts have more cells that can become cancerous, therefore they possess a higher risk of developing cancer (Freeman, 2014). Dr. Diorio and her team decided to look at breast density for this reason (Diorio, 2014). The women in the study were surveyed on how often they drank soda, then they received a mammogram to measure their breast density (Freeman, 2014). The researchers found that “among all women, those who had a sugary drink intake of more than three cans per week had a mean of 29.6 per cent in breast density, but those who did not drink this type of drink had a mean of 26.2 per cent in breast density” (Diorio, 2014). Although not a major percentage difference, it is still significant enough of a number that could mean the difference between a cancerous life and a healthy life. So what exactly is the correlation between cancer and sugary drinks? According to the Canadian Cancer Society (2016), overindulging in sugar means an

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