Eating Breakfast Or Skipping It?

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Abstract Eating breakfast is a very debatable topic in the USA. Eating breakfast or skipping it can have a big effect on your day. Eating breakfast, although quite time-consuming, can have positive effects on your day, such as prolonged food satisfaction and better metabolism. By skipping the meal, you put your health at risk, especially when you regularly consume breakfast. Health risks include decreased metabolism, loss of memory and concentration. The experiment consisted of taking people and making half eat breakfast every day over a seven day period, and forcing the other half to go without breakfast for the same amount of time. The people who ate breakfast say that they were more awake and full throughout the day. Eating breakfast can help children focus and stay awake throughout the day, while making them more full. The people that didn’t eat breakfast reported tired and lazy throughout the day with a lack of concentration and lack of memory. The lack of memory meant irresponsibility and more work. Introduction Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, people base this statement off the idea that the average human has a quality breakfast, consisting of protein, carbohydrates and all the vitamins needed to sustain energy and nutrition throughout the day. It is also well known that we, as Americans, are an obese country and can’t wait to point fingers at what could be a potential cause of our weight. Research has been performed by many
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