Eating Disorders: A Personal Analysis

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It was not a very easy thing to do. I must have told myself to quit about a million times. I only worked hard and gave it my all for two weeks.

I started very slow. My first week I must have gone to the gym about two times.

My eating habits could not change. For many years, I had been neglecting my body. I would not eat enough. I never went to the doctor, but I am sure I had an eating disorder. I had many symptoms that correlated with both anorexia and bulimia nervosa. I would not eat for days. If I would ever eat, I would purge. When I finally began eating, I would eat so much that I felt like I had to purge. It all became a habit and a cycle. I would either not eat or eat too much, but in both situations, I would always heave. I always until this day tell everyone that I feel and look fat.

I fear developing diabetes because
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I wanted to bring my weight down to decrease my BMI, reduce my body fat percentage, and build confidence within myself. My long-term goals were to lower my BMI of 25.8 to a range between 18.5-24.9, lower body fat percentage to 23%, and to have a better respect and love for my body. Three obstacles that I face at first were poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, and negative thinking plus body shaming. The resources I used to help me throughout this process were friends, the TAMIU rec, the TAMIU counseling center, and YouTube/varies athletic websites. I targeted dates one month apart and each short-term goal included a loss of five pounds and one percent body fat. The rewards I decided to give myself after these objectives were simple things like eating sweats and eating out. The long-term goal that I will continue to strive to achieve is to have the satisfaction of knowing that I can do something about the way I look and see myself. A healthier and happier me is overall the best thing in life that I could
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