Eating Disorders : A Social Problem

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Eating disorders have become a social problem. “Who wants to recover? It took me years to get that tiny. I wasn 't sick; I was strong” (Laurie Halse Anderson). Due to the pressure of being beautiful or fulfilling in the stereotypes that media bring us, eating disorders affect individuals and their families around the world both mental and physical. NEDA (National eating disorders association) cares and helps to those people affected by an eating disorder. Therefore, NEDA bring to citizens the cure, access to quality care, and prevention to people who are vulnerable to suffer an eating disorder. Because the negative effects caused by eating disorders could be fatal, a world without eating disorders is the principal goal of NEDA saving thousands of lives. The problems, solutions, and benefits of fighting against an eating disorder will be presented then.
Overview of the problem Eating disorders is a problem that affects many individuals not only physical but also mental. Teenagers are the most vulnerable to suffer an eating disorder due pressure of social standards. The consequences of eating disorders could be fatal. The three different types of eating disorders affects negatively to the body. Anorexia Nervosa, which is caused by the lack of necessary nutrients, causes severe dehydration. Due the lack of nutrients, the body take the energy needed from muscles. However, anorexia causes muscle loss and weakness. Bulimia Nervosa inflicted by binge-and-purge, which affects…
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