Eating Disorders : A Well Known Secret

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Anorexia Nervosa: A Well-Known Secret In America today, eating disorders are highly recognized amongst the general public. From the numerous after school specials to the headlines on various gossip magazines accompanied by underweight starlets, the issues of eating disorders is a hard one to ignore. The documentary I chose to watch is one called Dying to Be Thin directed and produced by Larkin McPhee. This compelling picture focuses on eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in relation to teenage girls and young women in the United States. Before watching the film I knew a fair amount about eating disorders from things I was exposed to on TV but nothing too in depth. I knew that this was a disease that mainly affected young women but wrongly assumed that it only affected young, upper class, white females. I also knew that this disease is something that could be overcome but was unsure of the process and the long term effects. Despite my prior knowledge I still had a lot of questions regarding the topic. Although it is common knowledge that many young girl’s desires for “ideal” body type is influenced by the media’s overexposure and glamorization of extremely thin models, actresses, and celebrities but are there any other factors that may impact this? Could this be a nature vs nurture issue? If we are all exposed to the same media coverage of this unrealistic physical expectation of women why do some girls develop eating disorders and others do not? The documentary
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