Eating Disorders Among College Students

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Eating Disorders Among College Students
College is a transitional period for young adults, and for the most part many of them are leaving their parents’ house and experiencing independency. As an emerging adult, the college student engages in new responsibilities such as, figuring out their financial stability, and learning how to manage time between school-work, job, and other activities. While learning how to practice time management students’ eating habits in college seem to be a problem, and with the media college students are more likely to engage in disturbed eating behaviors.
Disturbed eating behaviors are increasing among college students, and are now being researched. One of the most common eating behaviors among college students are binge-eating and excessive exercising. It should also be noted that college students aside from learning how to manage their time wisely; they are also learning how to manage their finances, and fast-food may be cheaper on their wallets. As college students engage in disturbed eating behaviors they are putting themselves at risk in developing chronic health conditions, such as, cardiovascular, hypertension, being overweight, and obesity in the later years. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze the underlying factors of college students disturbed eating behaviors, and what interventions are being implemented in order to alleviate the problem. College Students Eating Behaviors
Disturbed Eating Behaviors
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