Eating Disorders Among Female Athletes

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Eating Disorders Among Collegiate Female Student-Athletes
Eating disorders (e.g., anorexia nervosa, bulimia) are not rare in today’s society. They have become increasingly common among young women. Research indicates that there is a link between the media’s representation of “the perfect body” as well as ideals of attractiveness with dissatisfaction of body image and eating disorders (Ferguson, Munoz, Garza, & Galindo, 2013). In this current literature review, I will focus on the impact of eating disorders among female collegiate student-athletes with an emphasis on how sports can play an influential role in the development of eating disorders. Female collegiate student-athletes are at risk of developing eating disorders not only because of societal pressures on women to be thin, but also due to sport-specific pressures to change their body weight, size or shape. Factors that contribute to sport culture and pressure on female athletes include performance anxiety, revealing uniforms, and coaches’ influences on their athletes (Coker-Cranney & Reel, 2015). Sports can be a way to pursue a passion and promote health, but unfortunately the pressures that coincide with sports often become extreme. The pressure to “be the best” can cause student-athletes to resort to harmful measures such as playing through injuries due to fear of losing a starting position on their team. Similarly, athletes are more likely to fall into disordered eating habits because they believe it might help…
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