Eating Disorders : An Unhealthy World

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An Unhealthy World There is no question that our whole world today has been having problems with malnutrition and lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to go somewhere without seeing someone who suffers with obesity or some type of eating disorder. Authorities actually find it to be one of the economy’s biggest problems. According to a chart found on Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context, from the years 1976 to now, children all around the world continue to eat unhealthy diets with an obesity percentage of 17.5 in 2006, when the percentage used to be at a low 5.0, and the issue is only continuing to become worse. A lot of people eventually form some type of eating disorder according the article, Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health: Eating Disorders, “rates for anorexia nervosa were .3% in men and 0.9% in women; for bulimia nervosa, 0.5% in men and 1.5% in women; and for binge eating disorder, 2% in men and 3.5% in women,” while more than one-third of the United States, or more than 71 million people, are obese. As a society we have to realize that this is becoming a bigger issue than we think when thousands of people are dying each year and it is time to start being good role models for our future generation. Their elders and advertisements, that we seem to find so harmless when they really are, are influencing our upcoming generations. What can we do to help our society and future, and become a healthier world so we are not living unhealthier longer?…
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