Eating Disorders And Body Image Issues

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Eating disorders: noun. A group of psychological ailments characterized by intense fear of becoming obese, distorted body image, and prolonged food refusal (anorexia nervosa) and/or binge eating followed by purging through induced vomiting, heavy exercise, or use of laxatives (bulimia nervosa).These ailments are not pretty. In this society, where only the fit and thin bodies are accepted and appreciated, eating disorders are more common than they should be. Children, starting at a young age, see skinny people on television and in magazines. They hear comments on how their bodies look, then hear the same people turn around and make nasty comments on someone else’s figure. This is not okay, because it is teaching young people that anything over size zero is something to be ashamed of. Eating disorders are a growing problem in this community, and unless a more positive view on all body types is created, more people will develop eating disorders and body image issues.
While stigma around these illnesses might suggest it, eating disorders are not a choice to be made. People with eating disorders genuinely believe that food is their enemy and that every calorie they eat makes them fat. (source 4) Some patients might even feel that their eating disorder is a part of them, and that they’d be lost without it. (source 2) While there are always different causes for the development of eating disorders in different individuals, researchers believe that, “family dynamics, biochemical…
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