Eating Disorders And Its Effects On Society

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When you settle down each day for a meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you just eat, right? To reiterate, you don’t really take into consideration of what you’re eating, as it is something that you usually take for granted, that is, eating. Maybe that’s how it goes for you, eating without thinking. But for some people in the world, eating is something very difficult to do. Either they despise food because they feel that they are too overweight, or that they can’t stop eating because they are always hungry. These people are people who have eating disorders. Eating disorders mostly concern individuals that are usually stressed and depressed, and to deal with these problems they use food to solve it. More specifically they starve, purge, or binge, because they think that’s how they will solve their problems. The effects are overwhelming as it doesn’t only affect the individual themselves; it actually impacts everyone around them and society itself, therefore it is a problem everybody should be concern about. There are many types of eating disorders. One type is Anorexia Nervosa, which is essentially an eating disorder that individual undergo by starving themselves. The malnutrition caused by the starvation can cause serious side effects like development of osteoporosis and even more serious consequences, like death by heart failure. Now you ask yourself, why would anybody go through so much suffering? Well, like most disorders, there is a cause. One of the…
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