Eating Disorders And Its Effects On Society

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When you settle down each day for a meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you just eat, right? To reiterate, you don’t really take into consideration of what you’re eating, as it is something that you usually take for granted, that is, eating. Maybe that’s how it goes for you, eating without thinking. But for some people in the world, eating is something very difficult to do. Either they despise food because they feel that they are too overweight, or that they can’t stop eating because they are always hungry. These people are people who have eating disorders. Eating disorders mostly concern individuals that are usually stressed and depressed, and to deal with these problems they use food to solve it. More specifically they…show more content…
In the world that we live in today, the media and pop culture basically controls the world, by setting standard for individuals that has to be met if you wish to be accepted by society and fit in. The other cause may be activities that may require you go on a diet, like playing a sport or doing performing arts like ballet dancing and acting. Now, how does anorexia concern you, the individual who doesn’t have anorexia? Well, it is really self-explanatory, because treatment for anorexia is fairly expensive and money, your money, can go to fund these treatments. Also, people die from anorexia, and many of those people are young people. Now the death of young people can affect the world as we raise those people to become the next generation that would change the world, and a lot of money was involved. So if they pass away, all the work was done for nothing. Now because of all the harmful effects that can result from anorexia, there’s got to be treatment available for patients plagued by the disorder. Fortunately, there is, but starting early to counter anorexia is essential. In “One notable study by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that 76 percent of anorexic adolescents had fully recovered from the disorder within 10 to 15 years of their initial hospitalizations.” (Alderman, 2010, P. B6). So to recover from anorexia, early treatment is very important, as late treatment has several complications to deal with like
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