Eating Disorders And The Binge Eating Disorder

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Binge Eating

“My heart beat faster, and I began taking bigger and bigger bites. In a matter of minutes, I had eaten two more pieces of pecan pie, two pieces of cherry pie, six Christmas cookies, ten chocolate candies, then a bowlful of cereal. While I was eating, I felt as though an intruder had taken over my body. But when I finished the last bowl, my senses returned a little and I felt the first agonizing twinge of guilt for what I had done. I felt like I was in a dream. I still couldn’t quite believe that I had eaten so much.” (Hansen) This was her first binge of many more to come. She is just one of the millions who suffer from binge eating disorders or BED. BED is defined as consuming large amounts of food in a discrete period of time while experiencing a sense of loss of control over eating. (#2) The cause of this particular eating disorder is a very simple concept, and the treatment has been attempted in many different ways. In order to understand what Binge Eating is, the reader must first understand what it is caused by. Recent studies have provided us with an answer; binge eating is caused by food deprivation. “Prisoners of war, laboratory subjects, and other groups have shown similar excessive eating behavior after periods of chronic food restriction or starvation” (Michel and Willard). Additionally, as explained by , laboratory experiments with rats show that animals previously food-deprived but allowed to refeed to satiety and normal weight will binge eat of…

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