Eating Disorders And The Body Image

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Millions of people struggle daily to maintain a perfect physical body image in hopes of receiving approval, love, and happiness. The need to maintain this perfect image is supported by society and the media with a mirage of messages that you can be happy if you obtain this perfect image. Society 's ideals of what the human body should look like have caused numerous people to develop abnormal eating patterns in a contempt to conform and seek society 's approval of their body image. An eating disorder is an ailment that causes severe imbalances to your diet habits that you use everyday, such as gluttonously overeating or not taking in a healthy amount of food. At first, a person with an eating disorder would eat a smaller or larger portion of food, but at some point, the drive to eat less or more becomes out of control. Researchers are finding that eating disorders are caused by a complex interaction of genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological, and social factors. Researchers are using the latest in technology and science to better understand eating disorders. One approach involves the study of human genes. Researchers are studying various combinations of genes to determine if any DNA variations are linked to the risk of developing eating disorders. Neuroimaging studies are also providing a better understanding of eating disorders and possible treatments. One study showed different patterns of brain activity between women with bulimia nervosa and healthy women…
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