Eating Disorders Are A Serious Health Problem

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Eating disorders are a very serious health problem. People with eating disorders are addicted to food, just like the people who are addicted to drugs and medications. People with eating disorders us food to numb the pain. “They are dangerous illnesses that cause mental and physical suffering and may have long life consequences.”(Allman 2010 page 6) People with eating disorders cannot use food as a source of energy or nutrition. Their ability to connect hunger and fullness with the meals is disrupted. They are trapped in patterns of unhealthy eating and emotional pain that include starving or compulsively eating or forcing their own bodies to reject food. With all this said the bright side to eating disorders is that they are treatable and people do and have recovered.
Eating disorders do not only have to do with food and weight. There is a deeper meaning behind the illness that include self-hate, sadness, and the feeling of being completely alone. “Studies suggest that up to 24 million people in the U.S. have, or have had an eating disorder. 90 percent of those are females between ages 12-25.” (Allman 2010) Females are not the only ones that deal with eating disorders males can develop them as well. Eating disorders are seriously abnormal patterns that are also considered to be both psychiatric and a medical illnesses that affect ones physical health. A psychiatric disorder have to do with emotion and mental problems that affect how someone thinks and feels so they behave in…
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