Eating Disorders Are Becoming A Serious Problem On High School And College Students

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Today we live in a world full of ridicule and expectations concerning our body image. The morphed image of a perfect body consists of a skinny and toned waist, perfect hair and makeup, and pearly white straight teeth. Models, actors, singers and other celebrities that everyone idols go to great lengths to make their body perfect. This stressed image of a perfect body has led to an enormous outbreak of mental disorders seen predominately in high school and college students, especially anorexia nervosa. Individuals suffering from this mental health disorder are not fully aware of the severe symptoms and risk factors this disorder brings, or the treatment available to them. Stigmatization and from friends, family and society like self infliction and addiction lead to an internal battle for a person suffering with anorexia. According to the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association, “40% of female college students have eating disorders.” This may not seem like an alarming number, but eating disorders are becoming a serious problem on high school and college campuses. Most people know of anorexia but are not fully aware of what it is and what it entails. Anorexia can be defined as “severe weight loss due to extreme food reduction” according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Even though there is no single cause anorexia, it can result from psychological and interpersonal factors, as well as media influence. Symptoms of anorexia include dieting to the extremes,
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