Eating Disorders Are Serious Disorders

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Eating disorders are serious disorders that have a negative impact on both the psychological and the physiological well-being of the afflicted (Welch, Ghader, & Swenne, 2015). Studies concerning eating disorders are showing more and more frequency in younger age groups and especially in those who are athletes, diabetics, and obese adolescents (Martin & Golden, 2014). This tells us that symptoms of eating disorders can be caught and treated during adolescence. Today, many schools have very little class time dedicated to educating students about healthy lifestyles. Little, to no information is given about what eating disorders are or how to avoid the development of one. If information is provided about the prevention of eating disorders, it is usually in the form of a video or discussed briefly in a textbook. Schools are not doing enough in the fight against the development of eating disorders. Many studies have shed some light on the issue of eating disorders by conducting surveys and developing new programs to use in schools. The primary prevention of eating and body image problems among young people, and in particular, adolescents, is emerging as one of the most desirable achievements in contemporary health and nutrition (O 'Dea J. , 2000). Primary prevention programs, and better education in general, for the prevention of eating disorders and promotion of healthy lifestyles needs to be established in schools. The purpose of this paper is to propose more education…
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