Eating Disorders Destroy Lives Essay

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Title Eating Disorder – a combination of 14 letters that has the power to rock the life of the person who has it. Some of the most common eating conditions are anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder. According to the LA Times, “In 2009 the government published data that showed that kids under 12 were the fastest-growing population of patients hospitalized for eating disorders.” Not only are eating disorders becoming more popular and not in a positive way, but also the teens who have them getting them at a younger age. Eating disorders are a growing epidemic among teens, and it’s spreading to the younger generation; some of the most common causes of these disorders are social, mental, and familial influences. As eating disorders…show more content…
Not only does the world around these teens influence them to be skinny, their own mental health has been affected. Stress, depression, and low self-esteem have contributed to eating disorders. According to Huffington Post, “...feelings of being stressed or overwhelmed can trigger disordered eating behaviors, which are used as a coping mechanism.” Many teens will become stressed because of school and/or family issues and often times the young boy or girl will find a temporary comfort in food. They can binge eat and this type of eating later turns into a disorder called BED, binge-eating disorder. On the other side, some teens feel that their life is out of control and if they can regulate how many calories they take in or how much or little food they eat, they can have control (Huffington Post). There was a study done among the females student in a Michigan college. They found that those who had eating disorders also had high levels of anxiety and depression. According to the Princeton University site about eating disorders, “The development of anorexia or bulimia is not simply the result of a desire to be thin, but the manifestation of deeper emotional and psychological problems” (Eating Disorders). Eating disorders aren’t just a desire to lose weight, but deep mental problems that develop into eating problems. Along with society and mental health affecting eating disorders in teens, genetics play a part in it
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