Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder

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Markehl Murray Mrs. Miller 4th period 6 January, 2016 Eating Disorders In US today, over 30 million men, women, and children suffer from an eating disorder. The most common eating disorders are; Anorexia, Binge eating, and Bulimia. Why do people resort to something so life threatening? Many people are turning towards eating disorders because they don’t accept who they are. Eating disorders are a mental illness that can have dangerous effects on the human body, and several people are involved in this bad habit. In some cases, you can’t necessarily stop the disorder because it is in your genetics. Other times, it’s the person choice on whether or not they’d like to open this hurtful portal to darkness. Scientists have done many studies on women involved in eating disorders and their brains function different than a healthy woman. Eating disorders aren 't just a mental illness, there are a physical illness as well that often destroy the body 's normal function. It may start as just starting to eat less or more, but it can have a dramatic effect to your body that it increases and gets worse. People who are going through puberty and changes on facial and body appearances often lean towards eating disorders because they want to be an ideal image that it advertised everywhere in media. Regardless of how you receive it, there is always help offered to anyone who is willing to accept that they need help. In many situations, a person has very low self-esteem and wishes they
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