Eating Disorders Has Affected The Lives Of Many Athletes Around The World

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Eating disorders have affected the lives of many athletes around the world. Being scared of being overweight but rather caused by an addiction to food can result in the development of an eating disorder. There are several reasons as to why someone may have an eating disorder such as the sports they play or even the worldly view of how an ideal body is supposed to be. They have an effect on the person’s health and also on their social interactions with others. Many sports where the player’s weight has to be maintained and judged can result in eating disorders. Sports such as gymnastics and track are known for their intense workouts and weight limits of those who participate. A few commonly identified eating disorders that some athletes have are bulimia and anorexia. Athletes who believe that their weight will influence or add to their performance usually try risky eating habits which result in eating disorders. According to research, it has been found that females make up a great percentage of those who have eating disorders. The National College Athletic Association also known as NCAA reports that “64 percent of member schools report at least one female athlete with a diagnosed eating disorder (Gaines, S.A., 2014).” Although this is true, there are males who have eating disorders as well. Athletes are sometimes pressured by their coaches to maintain a certain weight for a better performance or higher scores from judges which can lead to a disorder in their eating routine.

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