Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders INTRODUCTION Attention Getter Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Imagine looking in the mirror and you see something other than what is truly there. That is a nightmare that many women suffering with eating disorders live with everyday. No matter how pretty or slim they are, all they can see is ugly and obese in that mirror. Thesis Statement Eating disorders affect millions of people every year, and can even result in death. I will explain what a eating disorder is, their characteristics, complications and what some of the most common types seen today are. Purpose The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience of the different types of eating disorders and how they can be…show more content…
The characteristics and complications associated with Anorexia nervosa. A. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight. 1. Self-starvation is one of the most common characteristics of anorexia. 2. Low self-esteem is another characteristic with this disorder, they have a hard time accepting who they are. When they look in the mirror they do not like what they see. These feelings can lead them down a tragic path. B. There are many complications associated with anorexia nervosa. 1. Death, osteoporosis, anemia, heart problems such as mitral valve prolapse, abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure, increasing risk of fractures later in life and gastrointestinal problems are just a few of the complications one might experience. 2. Depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and drug abuse are some common psychological complications associated with anorexia. III. The characteristics and complications associated with Binge-Eating. A. Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts without being able to stop. 1. Individuals with this problem may have extreme feelings of embarrassment and guilt. Emotionally they are extremely fragile. 2. Due
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