Eating Disorders Essay

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Eating Disorders An eating disorder is a serious disruption of a persons eating habits, in some cases it may be a reflection of abnormal psychological functioning. The two most common eating disorders are, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa. Both of these eating disorders are most common among adolescent girls, but they do occur amongst older people and are becoming more and more frequent amongst men. Also they were originally only found in European countries but are becoming more common all over the world. Anorexia nervosa This is a disorder where the person fears that they might become…show more content…
Body-image distortion People who have anorexia don?t see their own thinness, often they continue to see themselves as being fat, despite the fact that often their bones can clearly be seen. People who have anorexia also often deny the seriousness of their low body weight, their thinness is considered vital to their high self esteem. Amenorrhoea This means the cessation of the menstrual cycle. The absence of periods for more then 3 months is a clinical characteristic of anorexia. The lack of the menstrual cycle is caused by the reduced weight. There are sometimes other physical symptoms such as paleness and loss of hair. Characteristics of bulimia There are five listed characteristics for bulimia. Binge People who develop bulimia often engage in secret binge eating. This involves eating an excessive amount of food in a short space of time, and feeling a lack of control over the eating during this period. Purge After the episode of binging, the individual will be likely to purge, to compensate for the over indulgence and to prevent weight gain. This is achieved by self induced vomiting or misuse of medications. Alternatively the individual may stop eating for a long period of time to compensate for the bingeing. Frequency To be diagnosed as suffering from
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