Eating Disorders

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The modeling industry has taken a toll on young girls across the world today. Models, magazines, television even the radio advertise "thin is in." Because of this girls feel pressured that they need to look a certain way in order to look good. People need to start realizing that you can be curvy and still look excellent. Society needs to urge the fashion industry and media to stop portraying the "perfect" skinny, toothpick image because it is causing a huge array of health related problems to woman around the world.
The modeling industry finally had a wake-up call after models were dying of eating disorders. Luisel Ramos, for example, was just starting out her modeling career and she was told that if she lost some weight she could make
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People everywhere especially young girls, and women look at magazines and dream to one day look like the models in the pictures. They do this because thin, beautiful women are what they are used to seeing everywhere. There are rarely advertisements with curvy, real looking women on them. Plus size models are also scarce and compared to the ultra skinny models, they are not looked up to. What is happening to society? Size ¾ is no longer considered thin. There are double zeros and negative sizes that are taking over the clothing racks. Changes need to be made with the media and the fashion industry immediately. The rampage of being so thin that your rib cage is clearly seen and you suffer from many health issues is not in. Thin is not in! Healthy, real looking girls and women who are happy with their figures is what's in. Being active and enjoying a normal lifestyle is in. There is no need to conform to the so called "perfect body image" when there truly is not one. Psychologists say the fashion industry has gone too far in pushing dangerously thin image in that women and even young girls try to imitate. In recent surveys 40% of first, second, and third graders want to be thinner. 80% of ten year olds are concerned that they will become fat. 50% of children ages eight through ten are unhappy with their current size and more than 50% of nine through fifteen year olds say that they exercise to lose weight and reduce
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