Eating Disorders: The Objectification Of Women In Advertising

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“There is no appreciation for women intellectuals it’s all about the body not about the brain” – A high school girl (GirlTalkHQ. N.p., 10 Dec. 2012. Web. 07 Dec. 2015) Advertising is a surely understood and essential piece of the showcasing scene for any business. Advertising organizations raise and spend huge numbers of dollars every year from making new thoughts and offering effort. Numerous hours are put into imagining and building up what we see each day in magazines, announcements, TV advertisements, and so on. Commercial architects need to make their work significant to their viewers with the goal that they can identify with these advertisements and buy the things they are attempting to offer. The pressure on women to look and carry on in specific ways is profoundly imbued into our way of life. The effect that culture has on how we feel about our bodies and ourselves is barely noticeable. Commercials aim to sell products by exploiting women as sex goddess’s harms teen Girls’ by making them insecure about themselves, leading them to develop self-hatred toward their own bodies. And in the worst cases causes girls to develop eating disorders in an effort to match the “perfect” and “sexy” bodies seen on commercials.…show more content…
Particularly in commercials there is a spotlight on women as sexual objects instead of women. This is hindering to society in light of the fact that the advertiser is making social stereotypes for women that can result in unfortunate social and physical habits. Hence, the ads can shape the way of cultural feeling of dating, and what is "perfect" inside society. This media activity is permitted to continue on the grounds that sex and the objectification of women
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