Eating Disorders : The Secret Battle Of College Campuses

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Eating Disorders: The Secret Battle of College Campuses Growing up, people are bombarded with societal ideals about how they should look and ways that they should act. Everyday, people are exposed to hundreds of ideas of what people perceive as beautiful as portrayed in television or commercial advertisements, printed ads, billboards, and online. Since people are constantly being exposed to these ideas, it is only natural that after time it will begin to impact people’s lives in some way. While some people feel this pressure more than others, a time in a person’s life where they are especially vulnerable to developing body issues is college. For many people college is the first time where they are away from the home for the first and must make new friends. College students are particularly susceptible to developing issues because of how exciting this new time is in one person’s life. For these young adults, the new independence, increased workload, homesickness, and desire to succeed in their new surroundings puts unsolicited pressure on them that they have never experienced before. Suddenly, the pressure of having a slim hourglass figure, perfectly styled hair, and impeccably manicured nails are influential in ways that one may not have thought before. The stigma with college students and their eating habits is that most people eat a diet filled with ramen noodles, microwaveable dinners, and excessive amounts of coffee. Traditionally, the thought of college eating…
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