Essay about Eating Disorders - Women's Magazines and Cinderella

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Women's Magazines and Cinderella

In the world today much of the literature aimed at the feminine audience keeps us trapped in the role of "Cinderella." We think of ourselves as the poor, helpless, and uncared for woman who needs to be saved. The covers, the advertisements, and most articles in women's magazines reinforce what it means to be an ideal woman in today's society.

Pick up most any feminine magazine in your grocery store today, and it will define for you what it to be feminine in the year 2000. It defines most women as being slim happy wives, with great careers and wonderful children. One example of this journalistic nonsense is the magazine Redbook. The covers read like a map to any woman's (or man's)
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He has to be the husband that will tend to our every need both physically and mentally, even if it means making us a prisoner in our own castle. It pushes young single and married women to lust after that perfect man, one that doesn't exist. If your man's not the perfect husband, then it must be something you're doing wrong. If a girl shouldn't happen to have a husband, well, she should! That's the attitude. These articles, and others like it, push the "Cinderella" genre upon women. There is a genre that we ought to be looking for Prince Charming or we aren't normal.

The advertisements found in the magazine displays beautiful women in luxurious cars. This makes the prince not only charming but rich as well. One advertisement for cigarettes taunts us to do a magical dance for him. "Dance around naked with a rose between your teeth if you want but do it like you mean it...Find your voice" (37). Contradicting themes like this are frequently found within Redbook's pages. On one page it may say to "find your voice" and then on the next is displays an ad encouraging you to use Pinesol to clean away those filthy footprints that our, Not-So-Charming, beloved left behind. Male dominance prevails after all these years, and nothings bound to change.

Redbook is a popular women's magazines. It is also very typical of women's magazine. The ones that tell us how we ought to that perfect wife, lover and

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