Eating Disorders and Image Essay

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Eating Disorders and Image As humans on this planet we often think about what others think about our appearance. We often, in this society, look at a person through their characteristics such as: looks, height, clarity of skin, and by how fat or thin one appears to be. In the article, The Diet Zone: A Dangerous Place, by Natascha Pocek, she states the fact that, in this society, we put a lot of emphasis on diets and appearing thin. From when we are children we tend to change our views according to the ways of man, and find ways to stay fit or to lose weight. With this constant loss of weight we tend to get into a hole of wanting to be thinner, and in my opinion that want leads to the attempts of so many girls developing some…show more content…
Also, when a product says diet on it many people think it means that they can eat more, so then they do not lose any weight. There are thousands of people who feel they are fat. They believe they have to lose an abundance of weight in order to be appreciated by others. These people go on crash diets and may even end up starving themselves or making themselves throw up. The people that make themselves throw up do so because they feel that when they eat, if the food stays inside their body, they will become fat, so they throw up what they eat or a majority of their intake. Eating disorders and dieting happen due to the image that people feel they have to fulfill. Ideas of dieting are received through what some see on television, and also by the people they see getting along with well with others. This goes according to what Pocek states, in paragraph 7, about the products that we see in a supermarket that have diet written all over them in nearly every isle. She is saying that these products advertise good results when in reality they are an extremely unhealthy way for people to lose weight. The struggle comes from within, telling the person that they are not good enough and that they have to try harder if they want people to like them in the way that they want to be liked. We, as people living in the United States, become very self-conscious and people pleasers.
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