Eating Disorders and Image in Girl, Interrupted Essay

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Fact and Fiction paper #2

Every single day women are faced with the questions of whether they are pretty enough, skinny enough, whether men are attracted to them, whether they can be loved or not, and whether people think they are beautiful. Images of “beautiful” females are plastered all over the media, commercials, Internet, movies, TV shows, ad campaigns, etc. In today’s society the “perfect female proportions” are nearly impossible for one to healthily obtain, but this does not stop women of all ages to going through impossible measures in order to be one step closer to what they consider “perfection.” For many girls all ages, shapes, sizes, around the world, eating disorders are becoming more prevalent for weight
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Daisy was constantly alone throughout the whole film, and rarely came out of her room, only to stand in line to take her medication. Daisy constantly questioned the medication she was given and almost daily begged for laxatives or Valium, making a scene when the nurses would deny her request. She constantly questioned the nurses and doctors authority, claiming they did not know what they were doing and she knew what was better for herself than they did. This can be associated with the features of depression of manipulation, or being in the extreme need for complete control (DSM-IV). Daisy truly believes that she will be able to better take care of herself than trained professionals. She would make a scene that the sleep aid drugs she was given were completely unnecessary and the only response the nurses would give her was for her to talk over her medication with her doctor in the morning. After Daisy’s episodes of screaming and yelling the nurses would simply carry her into an ice cold bath tub filled with water until she was ready to calm down and get out. This intense anxiety she feels around discussing her body and what her body needs is also a feature of anorexia (DSM-IV). Daisy came from a family of money during this time period and she would almost always get what she wanted from her father. Her dad paid for a single in the hospital so that she could be alone and do whatever she

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