Eating Disorders and Negative Body Images

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Millions of teens and adults are faced with eating disorders and negative body images everywhere they go. Celebrities promote unrealistic standards and display what the “acceptable” body is. Because of our stick thin role models we have in the media today much of our society holds their own body image to the unobtainable standards of celebrities. People are bombarded with images of what’s “sexy” instead of what’s healthy (Helmich). In a world based around celebrities and media, shouldn’t they be promoting a healthy body image instead of the negative ones we are being smothered with? Cindy Crawford in a magazine interview states, “‘do you look at me and want to puke?’ Evidently, they’re not hearing or paying attention to a deafening ‘Yes’ from the seven million American girls and women who, according to Dr. Vivian Meehan, suffer from eating disorders” (Zimmerman). Even if you don’t have an eating disorder, you are still affected by the media and supermodels. Saying to yourself “If I had those shoes I’d look as stunning as her”, models are used to sell products but instead sell their bodies and the products are just vamping that up. Models leave millions of young impressionable people, striving for an unachievable perfection. Dr. Morris Fishbein says, “Of all of the fads which have afflicted mankind, none seems more difficult to explain than the desire of American women striving for the barber pole figure.” (Zimmerman). Why is being a bean pole so sought after? If the media
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