Eating Food Consumers : Taking Personal Responsibility

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Fast Food Consumers: Taking Personal Responsibility The only person to blame for ones behavior is themselves. People need to stop making excuses and be held accountable for their actions. It is proven that fast food meals cause many health issues down the line such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. People choose to ignore the consequences that fast food cause and blame corporations instead. Warning labels on fast food items are not necessary when the negative effects are obvious. It is clear that greasy junk food does not provide the best nutrition for one’s body. People are visually able to see the results of eating at fast food restaurants but still choose to have meals there. If people eat products that do not provide nutritional information then it is their fault for still consuming it. The lack of personal responsibility in fast food consumers is leading to childhood obesity. David Zinczenko’s argument in “Don’t Blame the Eater” is that for young teens eating fast food is unavoidable. This is untrue because although there are many fast food restaurants, people do not have to eat there. Many healthier options are provided if people know where to look. It is imperative that people understand what they are putting into their bodies. There are many alternatives for eating healthy such as grocery store items. For example fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and some places even have pre made salads or sandwich wraps. But people choose to eat fast food because it is
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