Eating Habits : A Healthy Lifestyle For A Young, College Girl

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I am a twenty-year-old female that I have a healthy lifestyle for a young, college girl. As much as I would like to eat healthy and exercise everyday, sometimes I just get so busy I just cannot find the time. In college there is also something you have to do or should be doing so there is barely anytime to just sit around and do nothing. I would say that overall my eating habits are not that unhealthy. My eating habits include lots of grilled foods. I am a big fan of grilled chicken and many nights I will just throw together a grilled chicken salad. I am also a big vegetable eater. I enjoy pretty much any vegetable including: butter beans, squash, boiled corn, and much more. It is not very hard for me to eat healthy meals, but the snacks are when I run into trouble. I start eating unhealthy late at night when I am up late studying. I will become tired and think I am hungry and I will eat a sweet late and night and drink caffeine when I should not do that. I am pretty consistent on exercising, unless it is finals week or I have two or three tests that week and just have to spend my free time studying. I joined a gym in Hattiesburg and that motivates me to go almost every day. I usually try to go to the gym at least five days a week and I make myself stay for at least an hour. I have drunk alcohol before, but I am not a heavy drinker. I am in a sorority so if we have a sorority functions that I will usually consume alcohol while attending them. We usually only
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