Eating Habits And Food Choices Play Vital Roles

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Eating habits and food choices play vital roles in the maintenance and improvement of overall health for those suffering with health-related conditions. With an intensive health assessment that includes high blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as low levels of fiber, healthy daily food choices are necessary to reverse my poor health and promote better wellbeing. Thus, the prominent goals when assessing my dietary habits with the described health conditions are reducing my daily intake of fat, cholesterol and sodium while simultaneously increasing my intake of fiber per day. My daily snacks of Nilla Wafers and graham crackers may at first glimpse appear to be harmless, tasty snack choices, but are not nearly as beneficial to my health as they seem. For a person suffering with high blood pressure, special attention towards the amount of sodium in foods as well his or her daily consumption of sodium is vital to the maintenance and reduction of such high blood pressure levels. Both the vanilla wafer cookies and graham crackers include high amounts of sodium. A normal serving of vanilla wafers, which is approximately eight wafers, has about 115 mg of sodium or 5 % of the daily value of sodium in a typical diet consisting of 2,000 calories. However, in my case my normal consumption of these cookies is two full servings, which means I would consume 230 mg of sodium or about 10% of my daily value for the day from eating this single snack. More shockingly, my typical
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