Essay about Eating Healthy for the Body and the Mind

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Memory is our ability to retain, store, and recall information and past experiences in the human brain. Not only is memory important for retention, but it also provides the capability to adapt from the past, learn, and build relationships with others. In a more scientific sense, memory is a set of encoded neural connections in the brain. These connections are recreations of the neurons that fired during the original experience. Overall, memory is an essential asset to human life. As a child, connections in the brain are form quite rapidly because of all the early learning that is being done such as how to walk, communicate, and even tie shoes. But as age increases, the brain’s ability to make these connections slowly deteriorates and this decrease results in a lower capacity of memory. Recent research has shown there are ways to slow down, cease, or even reverse the deterioration of human’s capacity to form memories. Good nutrition, eating foods with low glycemic indexes, adequate nutrient intake, and a healthy lifestyle can all have positive effects on memory.
The body needs to be treated in a positive way for it to work in a positive way. When the body is working optimally, the brain is able to easily fire neurons to make the connections that are necessary for memory. Catherine Saxel, a nutritionist at Foodwatch Nutritional Services, states, “Though only two percent of body weight, the brain uses twenty five percent of the body’s energy” (Saxel). With the brain using a…

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