Essay about Eating Meat

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Eating Meat

Eating meat is part of the daily life of billions of people all over the world. Every day thousands of animals are killed for the production of meat food for people. However, studies have shown that meat is not essential for our existence and gives us nothing more than the other foods on the market. Meat consumption may not harm you or the surrounding environment immediately but there are consequences and sooner or later they will appear.
A meatless diet is healthier than a diet containing meat. According to surveys and examinations of the contents of the food products, meat contains more fat than non-meat foods. Since it is very difficult for our bodies to process high quantities of fat and it is being accumulated in our
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Cholesterol blocks the arteries and makes it very difficult for the blood stream to circulate. Such a process may result in a heart attack. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and cereal lowers the level of cholesterol, thus lowering the risk of getting a heart attack as well. Of course, meat is not the only factor that may cause a heart attack but why don't we try to decrease the chances of getting a heart disease by just getting rid of meat?
Eating meat is also responsible for the mass destruction of the environment. For growing animals people waste overwhelming amounts of natural resources which may be used for other necessities. They may be utilized for growing corn or wheat for feeding people, rather than for feeding farm animals. "The amount of grain a cow eats in a day could feed 15 starving people" (Spence 1). If this food was used for humans and not for livestock, the world's massive hunger problems would be at least partly solved. The opposing side of this idea states that even if these fields can be used for growing food for people, most of them are under private ownership and the owners would not give their production to feed the people who are starving. However, meat is much more expensive than grains and corns are. And if more of them are produced they will become even cheaper than they are now. Other damages, result of growing animals, exist. When big quantities of water and food are used for

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