Eating Raw Fish

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The idea of eating raw fish sickens the majority of people in the United States, but in Japan, sushi is considered a delicacy that takes several years to perfect. Some professional chefs have had ten years of schooling to learn how to properly prepare sushi. They start with the basics, like how to properly produce sticky rice - the rice used in sushi - and how to slice the fish so there is the perfect amount. The reason why the amount of schooling is so long is due to the fact that the aspiring chefs learn every little detail about making and presenting sushi. The presentation of the sushi is just as important to them as how it tastes. All food is presented perfectly; some restaurant owners use plastic food, that they have placed in a display window, to entice people to come into their restaurant. The history of sushi is full of mystery, it’s true origin is completely unknown. Sushi has become very popular in the United States over the years. It started in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and grew into a nationwide treat, with sushi bars popping up all over the United States. There are health benefits to eating sushi when it is professionally made; however, when made at home, individuals are faced with several health concerns. All concerns stem from consuming raw fish, making it imperative to do research on the side effects of the fish before preparing it. The myth that all sushi is raw fish is incorrect; furthermore, the myth that Sashimi is a type of sushi is also incorrect.
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