Eating Sugar

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EATING SUGAR Meetings between cultures can be a demanding task for both. Tourists and natives. A culture can be described as learned human behavior patterns and differ between cultures. Those who have the resources (often money) can experience new cultures, but for many it can be a difficult step exploring the unknown. Furthermore communication can play an important role in recognizing and accepting new cultures, as well as socializing. Panic can develop against the unknown and this can form pre-judges. This is what we experience in the short story “Eating Sugar”. This an essay on the short story “Eating Sugar” written by Catherine Merriman and published in 2001. In the story we experience a meeting between two different cultures,…show more content…
The dog is a metaphor of Alex. “Alex sat down at the bench and took another swig of beer from the bottle and found as he lowered the bottle to the wooden table top, his eyes resting on the yellow dog, which was still sitting beside him. Still quiet, patient, unassertive. He gazed into the animal’s calm, fatalistic eyes. It wasn’t afraid of the forest or the men. Thais were Buddhist; they killed no animals, except for food. Not even flies” (p4, line 129-133). The way the dog behave and feel, should be the way Alex behave and feel. In spite of all what happen, the dog is still sitting the same place, under the bench, quiet and not afraid of anything. The dogs colour is yellow. Yellow is symbolizing youth, fun, happiness, sun and other happy feelings. This describes Alex in his young days. At that time, Alex wasn’t so anxious. He was experimental and was just living his life. Full of energy and not scared. The main theme in the story is differently prejudiced. Alex and Eileen judge the Thai men, before them even know them. From the first moment they see the Thai men, they are already thinking the worst. That the men want to hurt them and anything could happen. They are judging the culture, but they don’t even know so much about Thailand. They haven’t experienced Thailand before, but they have heard many things. Good and bad things. It’s all about these first-hand-impressions. We judge people every day. By the way they look and others things. But it’s wrong to do
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