Eating The Hospital Food Or Bathe For 7 Days

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ould not eat the hospital food or bathe for 7 days. Differences in culture reflect different frameworks of meaning and understanding and thus reflect in different customs, traditions, and ways of living. Therefore, staff should take into account that although she was not eating the hospital food, she was still consuming what her tradition deemed necessary. According to her beliefs, during pregnancy, a woman’s body is weak and susceptible to outside forces that may cause illness. This is called a hot condition. Giving birth causes a loss of yang, or heat, which should be restored. Hot foods are required to rebuild lost blood. Everything that the woman is doing is in the best interest of her health and her child, therefore, she should be able to practice her cultural beliefs as she sees fit. There is no reason for her to be asked to follow orders that would violate the traditions and wisdom of her own culture. Consequently, these are very different customs than what we are accustomed to, but, that does not mean that they should not respect her tradition. Our book states that “As a social worker it is important to familiarize ourselves with knowledge of diversity, which helps provide culturally sensitive services.”(Pg.18).
In this case it is important to honor the patient’s culturally diverse practices, because even though it is different, it is what she believes in. If she feels that her needs are being met, it should not be an issue. The medical personnel
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